Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Story #10 "Just Buried"

waiting in the stands, avoiding a bouquet, she saw a strand of cans, behind a Chevrolet, aching to itch an itch, refusing to see double, she too got hitched, behind the lovely couple, sliding on a sled, made of leaking soups, reduced her bridesmaid threads, down to a birthday suit, rapids of ravioli splashed, blindfolding her face, until no one could tell road-rash, from tomato paste, obstacles crowded the pavement, collecting unpaid tolls, by breaking her engagement, with vacant manholes, drowning deep in sewer sweat, among both mice and men, obliterated doubt and debt, from a widow's whirlwind, no more counting days alone, waiting on wedding bells, a path that once was overgrown, now fills with flames of hell, simplified a lonely loon, although most stories varied, she had a hearty honeymoon, before being JUST BURIED,

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