Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Story #15 Wrong race!

several politicians were handing out flyers,
I tried to pull out porcelain with some pliers,
I counted three fake smiles, two tans, and a republican...
can someone please remind me where the hell I stand again?

every campaign seemed plagiarized,
put on a pedestal, supersized, brought to life...
I heard a dream, a death-wish, and one guy,
 was just there for the ride,

suddenly, I heard the music play,
right next to Gruhn's on fourth and Broadway,
he was either already homeless or hitting halfway...
but he had words of wisdom and the courage to say,

speak up!
speak out!
do what you love,
or forever live in doubt,

so I walked over with shaking feet,
between the polls I threw away my receipt...
I screamed a Gaskins quote, balled up an unheard vote,
and left a lifeless cause for an aspiring antidote,

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