Wednesday, May 22, 2013

PRESCRIBED LIFE, a novel by Morgan Davis

Seventeen year old Leah Clark once roamed Whetstones halls without direction, as a loner against ludicrous lifestyles. While other students rehearsed their roles living ritualistic reputations, she often acted on impulses by skipping lines, and rebelling against the rubric. Unfortunately, a passion for politics wasn’t enough when it came to scholastic survival. Before the high school senior’s grades reached rock bottom, her mother flipped frantically through the yellow pages, seeking professional help. Luckily a local shrink was able to diagnose her psychological symptoms, and pinpoint a probable solution. However, Leah couldn’t help feeling skeptical as an unknown antidote was filled in her name. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect a few tablets to pave her rocky path from the inside out.

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PRESCRIBED LIFE by Morgan Davis - $10.00
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PRESCRIBED LIFE by Morgan Davis - $5.99
(Kindle edition only)

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