Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bartering With Books Tour 2014!

Hello again Prescribed Lifer's! Since June 4th I have been traveling on an independent tour.(Bartering with Books)Basically my goal is to visit as many cities/states exchanging books instead of currency for room-&-board, food, and miscellaneous supplies. So far I have managed to survive GA,TN,KY,IN,OH,NY,and MA on book funds and guitar tips alone. Witnessing such support and generosity really increased my passion toward something I truly love. All aspects of this tour will be documented for several upcoming magazine articles in which participants will receive an honorable mention. If you would like to tribute in some way there are several options and any will mean the world to me. 1)One way is to trade via mail with care packages. Any care package donor will receive a book\books shipped to their present address. For address\package suggestions email or get creative at the dollar store! 2)Online order trades* This will be similar to option 1,however, instead of shipping via mail we each send an online order to each other. In exchange for shipping an online item to my address I will have a book\books shipped to your present address. Once again email for details on possible trades\ address information. 3)This project is a statement about making personal connections and applying strategies to survive so money isn't a serious concern of mine.Therefore, instead of just making donations involving $ I have marked down my books as low as my carrier will allow for participant convenience. Monetary donations are a great gesture, just want everyone to get something out of this from my end as well. Thanks for reading and feel free once again to contact me via email for more information! Living a dream is a blessing, maintaining a dream is a lifestyle. Let's all help each other!

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